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Garden Flowers (water Garden)

Columbine flabellata, European columbine

Elegant Camas, Mountain Death Camas

Water hawthorn


Astilbe, False Goat's Beard, Fanal

Astilboides, Shieldleaf Roger's Flower

Grass of Parnassis, Bog Star

Water Calla

Water Primrose, Marsh Purslane, Marsh Seedbox


Bowles Golden Grass, Golden Millet Grass, Golden Wood Mille

False forget-me-not

Meadow rue

Moneywort, Creeping jenny

Purple Fringed Loosestrife

Yellow Loosestrife


European Frogbit

Mare's Tail

Himalayan Knotweed, Himalayan Fleece Flower

Water Avens, Bog Avens, Cure All


Monkey Flower

Monkey Moss

Exotic Bur Reed

Great Yellowcress

Calla Lily, Arum Lily

Marsh Marigold, Kingcup

Lady's Slipper, Slipper Flower, Slipperwort, Pocketbook Plant, Pouch Flower

Southern Spatterdock, Yellow Pond Lily, Yellow Cow Lily

Water lily

Yellow skunk cabbage

Cotton Grass

Arrowleaf False Pickerelweed

Water Primrose, Marsh Purslane, Marsh Seedbox

Nemophila, Baby Blue-eyes

Floating Heart, Water Fringe, Yellow Water Snowflake

Water Celery, Water Parsley, Water Dropwort

Golden Club


Checkerbloom, Miniature Hollyhock, Prairie Mallow, Checker Mallow

Hawaii Arrowhead, Japanese Arrowhead

Flowering Rush

Alligator flag, Powdery Thalia, Hardy canna

Water Aloe, Water Soldier, Crab's Claw

Virginia Spiderwort, Lady's Tears

Water Violet

Red Turtlehead, Purple Turtlehead

Alpine Bluets, Mountain Bluets, Quaker Ladies

White Water Buttercup

Water hyacinth

Marsh Helleborine, Swamp Epipactis

Blackberry Lily, Leopard Lily

Striped Cobra Lily, Chinese Jack-in-the-Pulpit

Water plantain


Hedge hyssop

Yerba Mansa, False Anemone, Lizard Tail


Umbrella Plant, Indian Rhubarb

Lamb's Tail

Painted Peacock Flower, Peacock Stars

Ornamental Plants (water Garden)

Sweet Flag, Sweet Myrtle, Sweet Rush

Mosquito Plant, Mosquito Fern

Dwarf White-Stripe bamboo, Kamuro-zasa

Brasenia, Water Shield

Ribbon Grass, Reed Canary Grass, Gardener's Garters

Northern Wild-rice

Foxtail grass

Tufted Hairgrass, Golden Hairgrass, Hair Grass, Hassock Grass, Tussock Grass

Striped Manna Grass, Reed Manna Grass

European Water Fern, Water Clover

Eulalia, Maiden Grass, Zebra Grass, Chinese Silvergrass

Purple moor grass


Umbrella Plant, Indian Rhubarb


Coontail, Hornwort


Hard Rush, Weeping Blue Rush, Corkscrew Rush, Twisted Arrows

Spartina, Prairie Cord Grass

Ostrich Fern, Garden Fern, Shuttlecock Fern

Parrot Feather, Parrotfeather Water Milfoil

Water plantain

Whorled, Water Pennywort, Dollarweed, Manyflower Marsh Pennywort

Anacharis, Canadian Elodea, American Waterweed, Oxygen Weed


Spike Rush

Siberian Bugloss, False Forget-Me-Not, Perennial Forget-Me-Not

Broadleaf Cattail, Bulrush, Cossack Asparagus, Flags, Reed Mace, Dwarf Cattail, Graceful Cattail

Fiber Optic Grass, Salt Marsh Bulrush

Chameleon plant

Common Reed

The true Bulrush

Tufted Hairgrass (Golden Hairgrass)

Bishop's Weed, Goutweed, Ground Elder

Dinosaur Food, Poor Man's Parasol


Giant Reed


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