colorful gardens (monochrome gardens)

yellow june

Garden Flowers (yellow, june)

Adonis sibirica

Columbine flabellata, European columbine

Snapdragon, Weasel's Snout


Wax Begonias


Wax Begonia, Tuberous Begonia

Lady Slipper Orchid

Moneywort, Creeping jenny

Yellow Loosestrife

Chilean glory flower

Crown Vetch

Blanket Flower

Bull's Eye, Daisy Bush, African Bush-daisy, Paris Daisy, Golden Daisy Bush

Dianthus perrenial

Rock rose

False Sunflower, Ox-eye, Sunflower Heliopsis

Paper Daisy, Sunray

Helichrysum perrenial

Dutch Hyacinth

Sea Poppy, Horned Poppy

Cape Tulip

Sticky Monkeyflower

Longspur Epimedium, Barrenwort

Avens, Geum

Curly Cup Gumweed

Monkey Flower

Monkey Moss

Swordleaf Inula, Slender-leaved Elecampagne, Elecampane, Narrow-leaved Inula

Cape Marigold, African Daisy

Leopard's bane

Spanish gorse, Spanish Broom

Dyer's Greenweed

Angel's trumpet, Devil's Trumpet, Horn of Plenty, Downy Thorn Apple

Indian Strawberry, Mock Strawberry

Exotic Bur Reed

Sideritis taurica

Great Yellowcress


Pot Marigold

Calla Lily, Arum Lily

Lady's Slipper, Slipper Flower, Slipperwort, Pocketbook Plant, Pouch Flower

Canna Lily, Indian shot plant

Carolina Sea Lavender


Wood Sorrel, Whitsun Flower, Green Snob, Sleeping Beauty

Rhodiola, Roseroot, Sedum, Leedy's Roseroot, Stonecrop

Yellow Daisy



Sleepy Daisy

Southern Spatterdock, Yellow Pond Lily, Yellow Cow Lily

Water lily

Globe flower


Garden Stock

Tidy tips

Linum perennial

Yellow skunk cabbage

False Baby Stars

Lily The Asiatic Hybrids

Martagon Lily, Common Turk's Cap Lily

Poached egg plant, Meadow Foam

Butter Daisy, Melampodium, Gold Medallion Flower, Star Daisy

Four O'Clock, Marvel of Peru

Gold Lobelia, Yellow Lobelia



Mediterranean Bells, Sicilian Honey Lily, Ornamental Onion, Sicilian Garlic

Cape Jewels

Golden drop

Evening primrose

African Daisy, Cape Daisy

Sedum aizoon


Hemp Nettle


Painted Daisy, Golden Feather, Golden Feverfew

Sun Plant, Portulaca, Rose Moss

Golden Marguerite, Dyer's Chamomile

Streamside Lupin

Painted Tongue

Safflower, False Saffron, American Saffron, Dyer's Saffron

Cup Plant. Rosinweed

Yellow Hawkweed

Pink Hawk's Beard, Hawksbeard

Flowering Tobacco

False Lupine, Lanceleaf Thermopsis

Clown Flower, Wishbone Flower

Yarrow, Milfoil, Staunchweed, Sanguinary, Thousandleaf, Soldier's Woundwort

Large merrybells, Large Bellwort


Viola, Pansy

Rydberg Twinpod, Double Bladderpod

Crossflower, Purple Mustard, Blue Mustard, Common Bluemustard, Musk Mustard, Beanpodded Mustard, Tenella Mustard

Goldenstar, Green-and-gold



Oregon Sunshine, Woolly Sunflower, Woolly Daisy

Bush Daisy, Green Euryops

Prairie Gentian, Lisianthus, Texas Bluebell

California Poppy

Puncturevine, Caltrop, Goat's Head, Bullhead, Maltese Cross

Lamium, Dead Nettle

Yellow hawkweed, Fox and Cubs, Orange Hawkweed, Devil's Paintbrush, Grim-the-Collier, Red Daisy

Meadow rue




Hardy Ice Plant

Cypress Spurge, Bonaparte's Crown, Graveyard Moss


Horned Pansy, Horned Violet

Amberboa, sweet sultan

Douglasia, Rocky Mountain Dwarf-Primrose, Vitaliana

False indigo


Ornamental Mullein, Verbascum

Stout Blue-eyed Grass, Blue eye-grass

Petunia Fortunia

Ranunculus, Persian Buttercup, Turban Buttercup, Persian Crowfoot

Dwarf pepperweed


Alstroemeria, Peruvian Lily, Lily of the Incas

Ice Plant

Foxtail Lily, Desert Candle

Triteleia, Grass Nut, Ithuriel's Spear, Wally Basket

Dutch Iris, Spanish Iris

Barbarea Rupicola

Hedge hyssop

Odorous Pig Salad


Calibrachoa, Million Bells

False Garlic

Peruvian Daffodil, Perfumed Fairy Lily, Delicate Lily

Flowering Shrubs and Trees (yellow, june)


Common elder, Red-berried elder

Yellow Vine Honeysuckle


Japanese Kerria, Japanese Rose, Easter Rose

Bladder senna

Cinquefoil, Shrubby Cinquefoil

Oleaster, Cherry Silverberry, Goumi, Silver Buffaloberry

Oregon Grape, Oregon Grape Holly, Holly-leaved Barberry

Tree peony


Prostrate broom

Azaleas, Pinxterbloom


Polyantha rose

Grandiflora rose

Rose Rambler, Climbing Rose

Rose Ground Cover

Hybrid Tea Rose

Common Rue, Garden Rue, Herb of Grace, Herbygrass

Golden Currant, Redflower Currant

Southern Bush Honeysuckle, Mountain Bush Honeysuckle

Ornamental Plants (yellow, june)

Anise Hyssop, Licorice Mint

Dwarf White-Stripe bamboo, Kamuro-zasa

Bowles Golden Grass, Golden Millet Grass, Golden Wood Millet

Heuchera, Coral flower, Coral Bells, Alumroot

Dunce's Caps

Coleus, Flame Nettle, Painted Nettle

Foxtail grass

Striped Manna Grass, Reed Manna Grass

Cushion spurge

Double Columbine

Joseph’s coat, Fountain plant, Summer Poinsettia, Tampala, Chinese Spinach, Vegetable Amaranth, Een Choy

Flowering Cabbage, Ornamental Kale, Collard, Cole

Dead nettle, Spotted Dead Nettle

False Nettle, Japanese Boehmeria

Pheasant's Tail Grass, Feather Grass, New Zealand wind grass

Ornamental Shrubs and Trees (yellow, june)

Barberry, Japanese Barberry


Sawara cypress, Sawara False Cypress, Boulevard Cypress, Blue Moss Cypress


Leyland cypress

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