Brittany Spears Wardrobe Malfunticon

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The pop star was singing her hit song Circus in Vegas on Dec. 30 when her corset costume opened up and exposed her bare back. Britney Spears wasn’t fazed by the wardrobe malfunction as she kept on dancing and singing as two of.

Britney Spears suffered a wardrobe malfunction during a performance, but she continued to dance as her fellow dancers tried to fix her outfit. Credit: Peter West/ACE/ People reported that while performing in Las.

Let’s hope what happened to Britney Spears on the second night of her Las Vegas residency doesn’t become part of the show: Girlfriend had a major wardrobe malfunction! Spears kept right on dancing (we’re hesitant to say.

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One faulty zipper isn’t going to get Britney Spears down. The pop icon was performing her "Piece of Me" show in Las Vegas on Friday when it appeared that a closure in the back of her outfit came undone. After her dancers tried in vain.

There’s no denying Britney Spears is a veteran performer. as well as a handful of wardrobe malfunctions. But with the barely there outfits she sports during her Las Vegas show, “Piece of Me,” nip slips are inevitable. Just ask the.

VIDEO! Catch the Britney Spears microphone / wardrobe malfunction Circus Tour video. Britney’s video fell out from Tampa onto the net. While Spears’ lip syncs her tour very well, how good is Spears at turning off the microphone.

Oops, she did it again. Singer Britney Spears suffered another onstage wardrobe malfunction — her second in as many years — during a recent concert in Las Vegas, but the pop icon once again didn’t let it hinder her performance.

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Britney Spears dealt with a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of her Las Vegas show this past weekend. The singer’s bra broke during a performance of “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” and, in the video below, a few of her dancers stop what.

Pop diva Britney Spears returned to the Las Vegas stage Wednesday night but her clothes did not cooperate. The 33-year-old was in the middle of performing her 2009 hit single “3,” when the back of her mesh ensemble broke,

Pop star Britney Spears suffered a wardrobe malfunction during her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas. The pop star, 33, was performing her 2009 single, “3” when the zipper on the back of her outfit suddenly split open. The singer.

Los Angeles: Pop star Britney Spears was rescued from a wardrobe malfunction by her backup dancers after her dress almost fell during the second night of her Las Vegas residency show at Planet Hollywood. The 32-year-old’s.

Oops, she won’t want to do this again. Britney Spears had a moment to forget during her super successful Las Vegas residency last night (February 1) when she had an X-rated wardrobe malfunction. As she performed her smash hits.

Pop star Britney Spears’ dress almost fell off during the second night of her Las Vegas residency show at Planet Hollywood. During "Circus" performance, the 32-year-old singer’s gold glittery sequin leotard popped open at the.

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Oops, her boob did it again! Britney Spears suffered a major wardrobe malfunction during her Feb. 1 ‘Piece of Me’ performance in Vegas. Her entire boob fell out of her tight leotard, but she kept on performing! Watch the entire.

Britney Spears suffered a wardrobe malfunction over the weekend during one of her Las Vegas shows that would have been enough to stop a less seasoned performer in their tracks. But Britney, being an old pro, handled it in the best.

Britney Spears is a very hands-on mom, but it was another body part she almost showed off while watching her son’s soccer game. The pop star was standing on the sidelines when a gust of wind blew up her skirt. Check out the video.

The show must go on! Britney Spears was performing "3" as part of her Piece of Me concert at The Axis at Planet.

Britney Spears showed she’s a true professional when she danced through an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during her performance in Las Vegas. Fans almost saw a piece of her at the “Piece of Me” concert on Saturday night.

Britney Spears wrapped up her Las Vegas performance on a high note — with a.